Mahaffey and Mahaffey, Inc is congratulating Tom Mahaffey on his retirement. The Mahaffey Team now consists of 
Debbie, Nicole and Jennifer. Nicole and Jennifer are here to help with appointments, general questions and other miscellaneous helpfulness. Debbie will be preparing all tax returns and answering all tax related questions. We place an emphasis on quality of service. We can assure you that we are in- compliance with the highest of professional standards and our commitment to maintaining the highest continuing professional education standards as required by federal and state agencies.

What makes us unique is the personal attention, commitment and energy we bring to each client relationship.
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Debbie Mahaffey EA, Founder and Existing Partner
Debbie has been in the tax industry since 1979 and established Mahaffey & Mahaffey
 in 1988.  She specializes in business and personal tax preparation.  Being an Enrolled Agent for over 30 years Debbie has the knowledge to leverage tax strategies to promote business and personal tax planning to help her clients achieve their goals.